Electric Bass

I began playing in 1989, learning from friends and playing along with albums.  In 1991, I started gigging with bands, first in New York City and then in Albany, NY area where I live now.  I was recruited for my first studio project that year as well.  I was included on three tracks of Mikey Steals' "Barefoot in the Trash."  I really enjoyed the recording process and the atmosphere of the recording studio.  This experience pushed me to improve my command of the instrument.

I began studying with Ray Jung.  Ray is an amazing bassist and

teacher.  I picked up many interesting concepts about music and the role of the bass as well as a wealth of technical exercises.

Since then, I have gigged in many bands playing various styles, at times doing fill-in work, working in projects ranging from duos to bands that looked and sounded more like small orchestras.  I've played weddings in a tux, corporate functions in a suit, club dates in black jeans, etc.

I took the opportunity to play in two theatre productions in 1999:

the Spotlight Players' production of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' and a Skidmore College production of 'Vinegar Tom' with music composed by Josh Chambers, a founding member of the Fovea Floods Theater Group.  These were both great experiences and good practice for my sight reading skills.
  Upright Bass

I bought an upright bass in 1995.  I put down the electric for a year or so and focused on learning to express myself on this massive instrument.  I studied with Eric Johnson, whose playing I admire greatly.  Eric started me off on sight reading as well as proper upright bass technique.  These days, I'm using it occasionally with the Mark Jones/Mike McMann group.

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